Fetal Monitor – FM 150

Our Fetal Monitors are one of the advanced diagnostic tools for Gynecologist. Electronic fetal heart monitoring is done during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It keeps track of the heart rate of fetus. It also checks the duration of the contractions of mother’s uterus. Fetus’s heart rate is a good way to tell if your baby is doing well or may have some problems. The machines are simple to use and precise, thus, making the diagnosis easy to perform and analyze. Nidek’s Fetal and Maternal Monitors are available in several models suited to the physicians and patient’s needs and requirements. Product descriptions appear in the following pages.

Features & Benefits

  • Fetal Heart Rate (FHR), Ulterus Constriction(TOCO), Fetal Movement (FM)
  • 12.1 Inches High Resolution LCD Display
  • Programmable Alarm on Probe off-position and Abnormal FHR
  • Built-In 152mm Thermal Printer With Adjustable Tracing Speed
  • Twin Monitoring Function (Optional)