bellavista™ neo ventilators

The bellavista™ neo is a neonatal ventilator dedicated to the NICU. Vyaire has an unwavering determination to develop dependable solutions that are easy to use and designed with precision and reliability to support neonates. The bellavista neo with its best-in-class NIV performance and flexibility across key ventilation modalities from conventional to nCPAP to high flow nasal cannula, bellavista meets the unique and essential needs of babies <10kg. Now, our healthcare providers can have peace of mind and support these babies through their first weeks of life so they can grow up strong, healthy and full of hope

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive 13.3 inches or 17.3-inch graphical user interface
  • nCPAP and nIPPV with choice of pressure or flow-based ventilation
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy with flow up to 50 l/min
  • Measurement of continuous bi-directional patient airflow and airway pressure with the proximal flow sensor

bellavista™ 1000 Ventilator

bellavista offers adult and pediatric support with a powerful turbine, highly configurable user interface and lung protective features. This next generation ventilator combines cutting edge technology to deliver simplicity in clinical practice and support daily challenges across care settings. This new ventilator offers efficient ventilation and lung protection that’s focused on

Features & Benefits

State of the art technology with streamlined hardware that’s compact, powerful and durable. Offering robust performance with peak flows up to 260 L/min. Software intelligence that’s clinically proven and highly responsive.

User-centric design that’s as customizable, navigable and intuitive as using a smartphone. Compact hardware allows the user to ventilate on the go during intra-hospital transport with 4-hour battery life and easy-steer transport cart.

Configurable to meet the needs of any clinical practice.
Simplified, preventive maintenance for a low cost of ownership.

VELA™ Ventilator

The VELA™ Ventilator is a full-function invasive and noninvasive ventilator that provides high-performance tools to support patients across the continuum of care. Available in three models, the VELA Ventilator offers a variety of features that can be customized to your specific ventilation and budgetary needs

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive user interface facilitates ease of use.
  • Operates independent of air sources for greater flexibility.
  • No scheduled maintenance of the turbine maintains a low cost of ownership.